Sinusystem module: E-Mail


Send emails via SMTP, organize templates and presets
The email module is basically to send out emails automatically. Therefore, some configuration can be done:
  • SMTP account management
    Mails can be sent via any mailserver configured.
  • Email templates
    HTML/Plaintext multipart email template engine. Many content replacement options are supported.
  • Email presets
    Prepared contents of automated mails. These will be inserted into an email template.
Within the module, there comes a cronjob, which is able to send a summary of latest changes in Sinusystem to all users, which have the right to receive it.The module is fully multilingual. Mails may be sent using the receipient's language.
CLI mailer tool:
Usage: /usr/share/sinusystem/mod/email/sh/mailer  [options] [operands]

--version Show version information and quit
-?, --help Show this help and quit

send-last-changes Send latest changes to all users granted
send-test Send simple test email

Debian package download:

Download page - valid for main package and public modules only. Licensed customers are allowed to connect to our private debian repository.