Public modules

Free to download, use or redistribute

Sinusystem is modular. Each module can be installed or uninstalled independently.
You may use the base system and a lot of useful modules for free, as they are published under GPLv3.

Apache: sinusystem-apache

Webserver- and virtual host management. Supports apache2 and nginx.
Description: Create vhost configuration files and logrotation scripts
Version: 0.4
Dependencies: sinusystem-logrotate

Address: sinusystem-address

Address register
Description: Manage address records, find geopositions
Version: 0.4
Dependencies: sinusystem-geonames

Cronjobs: sinusystem-cron

Cronjob Management
Description: An overview of your scheduled tasks including the logs
Version: 1.0

currency: sinusystem-currency

Currency library add-on for sinusystem
Description: Handles currencies and their denominations. Cryptocurrencies are supported as well.
Version: 1.0

E-Mail: sinusystem-email

Sinusystem Email Module
Description: Multipart Email Template Management, Email Send Log
Version: 1.0
Dependencies: sinusystem-mime

Filepool: sinusystem-filepool

Easy ajax fileuploader
Description: Valums file-uploader (Multiple file upload component with progress-bar, © 2010 Andrew Valums)
Version: 0.3
Dependencies: sinusystem-mime

GeoNames: sinusystem-geonames

Geonames Importer
Description: Download, convert import actual Geonames database to local system
Version: 0.5
Dependencies: sinusystem-language

HTML2PDF: sinusystem-html2fpdf

Convert HTML to PDF
Description: HTML to PDF Conversion. For licensing information please visit
Version: 4.03

Logrotation: sinusystem-logrotate

Rotate and compress logfiles, rename them accordingly
Description: Some useful logrotation scripts. Creation of one 7z file per day of each file or directory
Version: 0.9

Languages: sinusystem-language

Multi language support
Description: Addon for manipulation of multi-languaged database enries. Every string can be made multilingual (unlimited number of languages, 7600 by default).
Version: 1.0

Mimetypes: sinusystem-mime

Mimetype- and Fileextension Library
Description: Library add-on containing file-extensions database for automatic detection of correct mimetypes
Version: 1.0

PHPMyAdmin: sinusystem-phpmyadmin

PhpMyAdmin with auto-logon
Description: complete PhpMyAdmin which can only be viewed from sinusystem
Version: 4.6.6

Pictures: sinusystem-picture

Picture upload, thumbnail conversion and categorization
Description: Upload, manage, set multilingual tags, convert and delete images
Version: 1.0
Dependencies: sinusystem-language, sinusystem-filepool

Postfix: sinusystem-postfix

Postfix and Dovecot SQL Table Management
Description: Mailboxes and aliases (forwards) for multiple domains. Configuration file generators, spam filter and dkim/dkip configuration included.
Version: 1.0

ProFTPd: sinusystem-proftpd

ProFTPd shares, user- and quota management
Description: Manage ProFTPd users, quotas and logs.
Version: 1.1

Statistics: sinusystem-stat

Web Statistics Module
Description: track and view your visits
Version: 0.2
Dependencies: sinusystem-web

Tinymce: sinusystem-tinymce

Description: For licensing information please visit Since v4, 'Responsive Filemanager' is used, which is only free for non-commercial usage (Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported). Please visit and make your free donation there if you use it commercially.
Version: 4.0.8

Webpages: sinusystem-web

Multilingual Website Content- and Template Management
Description: create and maintain multiple websites independently
Version: 3.3
Dependencies: sinusystem-apache, sinusystem-language, sinusystem-mime, sinusystem-picture, sinusystem-tinymce, sinusystem-stat