Commercial modules

License these packages

Bugtraq: sinusystem-bugtraq

Bug tracking/ticketing system
Description: Track Bugs, Reply to bugs, show/change status
Version: 0.5
Dependencies: sinusystem-tinymce

Exchange: sinusystem-exchange

Currency exchange: rates, orders, trades
Description: Trade currencies, handle exchangerates, keep track of whole history
Version: 0.3
Dependencies: sinusystem-currency, sinusystem-cron, sinusystem-httprequest, , sinusystem-wallet

Honeypot: sinusystem-honeypot

Sales assistence and CRM
Description: Generate invoices, manage products and their prices.\n Shop solution for the perspective of the salesman
Version: 0.1
Dependencies: sinusystem-email, sinusystem-item, sinusystem-invoice

Items: sinusystem-item

Description: Items, itemgroups, prices, pricegroups
Version: 0.9

Invoice: sinusystem-invoice

Invoice generator
Description: Generate PDF invoices from HTML templates
Version: 0.9
Dependencies: sinusystem-address, sinusystem-email, , sinusystem-payment

Music: sinusystem-music

Music database
Description: Artists, albums and tracks
Version: 0.1
Dependencies: sinusystem-picture

Munin: sinusystem-munin

Munin server management
Description: including some useful munin plugins
Version: 0.9.1

Newsletter: sinusystem-newsletter

Newsletter sending system
Description: Send Emails to multiple addresses and/or groups
Version: 0.2
Dependencies: sinusystem-email, sinusystem-registration

OpenVPN: sinusystem-openvpn

OpenVPN server- and certificate management
Description: Configure multiple server instances. Manage client certificates, \n :create client configuration packages (protected .zip files).\n :Monitor client availability, watch traffic logs
Version: 2.4
Dependencies: sinusystem-cron

Postfix: sinusystem-postfix

Postfix and Dovecot SQL Table Management
Description: Mailboxes and aliases (forwards) for multiple domains.\n Configuration file generators,\n Spam filter and DKIM/DKIP configuration included.
Version: 1.0
Dependencies: sinusystem-apache

Registrations: sinusystem-registration

Sinusystem Registrations Module
Description: Create some events and allow people to register
Version: 1.1
Dependencies: sinusystem-address, sinusystem-email

Repositories: sinusystem-repository

Debian package repository
Description: Publish .deb packages and .rpm packages
Version: 0.9
Dependencies: sinusystem-apache, sinusystem-email

Satellite component: Camera: sinusystem-satellite-camera

Satellite Component: Camera
Description: Shoot photos, record videos, surveillance mode
Version: 0.0.2
Dependencies: sinusystem-satellite

Satellites: sinusystem-satellite

Remote host controller
Description: Control remote satellite systems
Version: 0.3
Dependencies: sinusystem-address, sinusystem-generator, sinusystem-munin, sinusystem-proftpd, sinusystem-openvpn, sinusystem-repository

SMS: sinusystem-sms

Send SMS
Description: Use several providers to send SMS, view logs
Version: 0.2

Wallet: sinusystem-wallet

Wallet management
Description: Watch balances of different currencies, spend money, keep track of whole history
Version: 0.8
Dependencies: sinusystem-cron, sinusystem-currency