Öffentliche Module

Frei zum herunterladen, benutzen oder weiterveröffentlichen

Sinusystem ist ein modulares System. Jedes Modul kann unabhängig von den anderen installiert und wieder entfernt werden.
Das Basis System, sowie einige gererell gebräuchliche Module stehen unter der GPLv3 als freie Software zur Verfügung.

Apache: sinusystem-apache

Webserver- and virtual host management. Supports apache2 and nginx.
Description: Create vhost configuration files and logrotation scripts
Version: 0.4
Dependencies: sinusystem-logrotate

Address: sinusystem-address

Address register
Description: Manage address records, find geopositions
Version: 0.4
Dependencies: sinusystem-geonames

Cronjobs: sinusystem-cron

Cronjob Management
Description: An overview of your scheduled tasks including the logs
Version: 1.0

currency: sinusystem-currency

Currency library add-on for sinusystem
Description: Handles currencies and their denominations. Cryptocurrencies are supported as well.
Version: 1.0

E-Mail: sinusystem-email

Sinusystem Email Module
Description: Multipart Email Template Management, Email Send Log
Version: 1.0
Dependencies: sinusystem-mime

Filepool: sinusystem-filepool

Easy ajax fileuploader
Description: Valums file-uploader (Multiple file upload component with progress-bar, © 2010 Andrew Valums)
Version: 0.3
Dependencies: sinusystem-mime

GeoNames: sinusystem-geonames

Geonames Importer
Description: Download, convert import actual Geonames database to local system
Version: 0.5
Dependencies: sinusystem-language

HTML2PDF: sinusystem-html2fpdf

Convert HTML to PDF
Description: HTML to PDF Conversion. For licensing information please visit
Version: 4.03

Logrotation: sinusystem-logrotate

Rotate and compress logfiles, rename them accordingly
Description: Some useful logrotation scripts. Creation of one 7z file per day of each file or directory
Version: 0.9

Languages: sinusystem-language

Multi language support
Description: Addon for manipulation of multi-languaged database enries. Every string can be made multilingual (unlimited number of languages, 7600 by default).
Version: 1.0

Mimetypes: sinusystem-mime

Mimetype- and Fileextension Library
Description: Library add-on containing file-extensions database for automatic detection of correct mimetypes
Version: 1.0

PHPMyAdmin: sinusystem-phpmyadmin

PhpMyAdmin with auto-logon
Description: complete PhpMyAdmin which can only be viewed from sinusystem
Version: 4.6.6

Pictures: sinusystem-picture

Picture upload, thumbnail conversion and categorization
Description: Upload, manage, set multilingual tags, convert and delete images
Version: 1.0
Dependencies: sinusystem-language, sinusystem-filepool

Postfix: sinusystem-postfix

Postfix and Dovecot SQL Table Management
Description: Mailboxes and aliases (forwards) for multiple domains. Configuration file generators, spam filter and dkim/dkip configuration included.
Version: 1.0

ProFTPd: sinusystem-proftpd

ProFTPd shares, user- and quota management
Description: Manage ProFTPd users, quotas and logs.
Version: 1.1

Statistics: sinusystem-stat

Web Statistics Module
Description: track and view your visits
Version: 0.2
Dependencies: sinusystem-web

Tinymce: sinusystem-tinymce

Description: For licensing information please visit Since v4, 'Responsive Filemanager' is used, which is only free for non-commercial usage (Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported). Please visit and make your free donation there if you use it commercially.
Version: 4.0.8

Webpages: sinusystem-web

Multilingual Website Content- and Template Management
Description: create and maintain multiple websites independently
Version: 3.3
Dependencies: sinusystem-apache, sinusystem-language, sinusystem-mime, sinusystem-picture, sinusystem-tinymce, sinusystem-stat